Note: Submissions for Issue Five are currently open through August 5, 2021. Please see guidelines below.

Red Dirt Forum:
A Journal of Contemporary Literature

Red Dirt Forum: A Journal of Contemporary Literature is a biannual print journal that features American Southern voices of poetry, fiction, and cross genres. Each issue features a contemporary musician and/or band and author interview. We are also dedicated to publishing voices that speak volumes regarding issues of social justice at the grassroots and global levels.

If you wish to submit work/s, we recommend you read an issue of the Forum prior to submitting work.

No reprints unless solicited by editors at Red Dirt Forum. Red Dirt Forum is available at Amazon, other online vendors, and in select independent bookstores.

Submission Guidelines

Submit in Word format only with full name and email in top left corner on first page of submitted work.

You may submit up to three poems, two pieces of fiction. If we wish to see more, we will let you know. No word count, but please be judicious in submission of works. Include author bio, 75 word count, maximum.

Submissions will be responded to within 3 months of submission. Please note that we do not read or respond to work submitted outside of our designated reading dates.

Submit works to: [email protected]. State in header this is a submission for Red Dirt Forum.


Red Dirt Forum | Issue 1

This inaugural issue includes music lyrics by StumbleEast bandmates Kevin Hall and Jay Tracy, poetry and prose by William Bernhardt, Vaibhav Saini, Julia Nunnally Duncan, and others.


Red Dirt Forum | Issue 2

This issue includes music lyrics and an interview with Shawna Russell, an author interview with Lara Bernhardt, poetry and prose by Nancy Dillingham, Carl Sennhenn, Suzanne Hudson, John Dorroh, Patricia Taylor, Joe Formichella, William Bernhardt, and others.


Red Dirt Forum | Issue 3

Issue three contains works by Fred Chappell, Joseph Bathanti, Julia Nunnally Duncan, Yasser El-Sayed, Bruce Craven, and others.


Red Dirt Forum | Issue 4

The Music issue includes work by George Perrault, Rajashree Koppolu, Susan Zurenda, Alec Solomita and others.