Red Dirt Forum

Call for Submissions

Red Dirt Forum
Red Dirt Forum, formerly known as Red Truck Review, is an annual print journal that features strong voices
in poetry, fiction, flash fiction, and nonfiction. We also accept novel chapters with brief abstracts. There is no theme;
just send your best work.No reprints unless solicited by editors at Red Dirt Forum. 
Red Dirt Forum will be available on Amazon, and in select independent bookstores.
Submission Guidelines:
Submit in word doc. only with full name and email in top left corner on first page of submitted work. 
You may submit up to three poems, two pieces of fiction or nonfiction. If we wish to see more,
we will let you know. Uniquely, no word count but please be judicious in submission materials.
No sensationalist violence, erotica. Violence, erotica only if relevant to work. Include author bio,
75 word count, maximum. 
Release date is set for Fall 2017.
Dates of Submissions: We accept submissions until 9-3-2017. All submissions will be responded to within 3 mos.
of submission. Submit works to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. State in header this is a submission for
Red Dirt Forum.
We look forward to hearing from you.
Amy Wilson, Managing Editor and Editors